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What We Do.

At Capsule Kaiba, we empower startups through market research, product development, and user experience design, delivering insights, innovation, and exceptional experiences.

Product Strategy & Development

Empowering Innovators to Shape the Future

In the fast-paced world of startups, a solid product strategy is the cornerstone of success. At Capsule Kaiba, we specialize in helping visionary entrepreneurs navigate the intricate landscape of product development.From conceptualization to prototyping, testing to iteration, we guide you every step of the way. Our agile and iterative approach ensures that your product evolves with precision, addressing user feedback and market dynamics.

UX Research agency for startups

Market Research

Empowering Market Insights for Startup Success

Through comprehensive market analysis, we dive deep into your industry landscape, identifying market trends, customer preferences, and competitive dynamics. Our expert researchers utilize a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods to extract meaningful insights, giving you a clear understanding of your target market.

User Experience Research & Design

Crafting Immersive Experiences that Delight Users

User experience (UX) is the key differentiator in today's competitive startup landscape. Our User Experience Research & Design team is dedicated to helping you create intuitive, engaging, and delightful experiences that captivate your target audience.Our talented UX professionals leverage their expertise in information architecture, interaction design, and visual aesthetics to create seamless and memorable experiences. From wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes, we craft intuitive user interfaces that guide users effortlessly through your product or service.

Our focus

Health & Wellness

Capsule Kaiba partners with clients to build cutting-edge consumer health and wellness digital products, combining our expertise in market research, user experience design, and product development to create transformative solutions that enhance people's well-being and facilitate healthier lifestyles.

Consumer Apps & SaaS

Capsule Kaiba leverages its expertise to help clients build consumer apps that captivate and engage users, while also assisting in the development of B2B SaaS products that empower businesses with innovative solutions, driving growth and efficiency in their operations.


Capsule Kaiba collaborates with clients to build compelling e-commerce brands, providing strategic guidance in market research, product selection, user experience design, and marketing strategies that drive online success and establish memorable brand experiences for customers.

Emerging Technology

At Capsule Kaiba, we stay ahead of the curve by actively monitoring and embracing emerging technologies like Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and AI, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest trends and opportunities that these cutting-edge advancements offer.

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Opportunities with Capsule Kaiba

We current only have unpaid opportunities through our Gen Z Warrior Hyperbolic Time Chamber Internship program. Learn more here:

Hyperbolic Time Chamber Internship Program

The Gen Z Warrior Hyperbolic Time Chamber Internship program at Capsule Kaiba is an exclusive opportunity designed specifically for the dynamic and ambitious Gen Z generation. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Z Warriors in the anime Dragonball Z, this program is designed to provide an immersive and accelerated growth experience.Similar to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in the anime, the internship program enables Gen Z participants to supercharge their professional development by accomplishing the equivalent of a year's worth of training in a condensed period. It offers an environment where interns can harness their potential, acquire valuable skills, and make remarkable strides in their careers.The Gen Z Warrior Hyperbolic Time Chamber Internship program at Capsule Kaiba provides interns with the opportunity to take control of their career destiny, much like the fearless Z Warriors. As interns, they will be encouraged to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity, leveraging their skills, creativity, and passion to make a meaningful impact.Just as the Z Warriors fought against formidable adversaries, interns will have the chance to take on significant problems, pushing the boundaries of innovation and leaving a lasting legacy. This internship program not only offers professional growth but also instills a sense of purpose and the belief that individuals have the power to shape the world around them.Current opportunities includes roles in:

  • UX Design

  • UX Research

  • Product Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Software Engineering

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